Why Business Reviews Are Important and How to Get More of Them

The Business world is getting saturated, as more and more people are developing niche-oriented products and trying to become alpha in their fields. Beyond this the vast development of digital technologies has exposed so much opportunity to access and build new businesses.

To get further ahead than other businesses, and actually to maintain your competitor advantage, you need to improve your business reputation and this happens through business reviews.

Your reputation is an interesting thing. Because it is hard to quantify. You can’t put your business name into a calculator a find how the reputation score of your brand. Because it includes so many variables and is a complex metric, so to speak.

What we do know is that reputation leads to more business. And is the key to sustainability. It’s all good and well having a wonderful product or service, but if your reputation stands below others, it will not help you.

And the quality of your service does contribute to ‘rep’, but it encompasses a lot of other factors including the public relations initiative you have. You may alongside your product have amazing distribution or customer service levels. It could be anything. But if people aren’t aware, it counts for zero.

As a business you need to identify areas where you can find a platform for sharing how good you are at doing stuff. And beyond advertising, the really powerful brand reputation building techniques and effects, happen when others praise you from a position of objectivity with no bias or association.

This is where you can leverage reviews in your favour and start to create a hub of brand authority which can deliver huge results for lead generation and sales.

The Science of Business Reviews

When another company comes at your website or at your social media platform for the first time, they will have a natural hesitation in doing a business deal with you. This is logical considering they don’t know you and your work.

One of the most efficient ways to reduce their professional hesitation is to have good business reviews. Upon seeing authentic business reviews, a company believes you can deliver the same quality as mentioned in the reviews. This earns you future projects.

Here is how to get business reviews

  1. Asking Your Clients

Many people acquire services from a website and never come back for rating. This is because no one asked them to.

If you offer your services through your website or social media, ask your audience to rate you. This will help in your business growth.

  1. Physical Nature of Reviews

To appear unique and more authentic, take credentials of people who have acquired your services. Take the pictures of the delivered project and make a portfolio. If it’s a restaurant or business based upon physical selling of goods, you can include the reviews inside a review book. Afterwards, it is up to you, either you can display them ‘as it is’ on your website or take screenshots and feature a multimedia.

  1. Reviews of a Company

Ask the company to give you a review on your website and on your social media accounts through their real and verified accounts. Then ask them to help facilitate other companies who ask the reviewing company about its authenticity.

  1. Improving Customer Service

A lot of times people give bad reviews because of inability of a customer service. The product can be average but there should be no compromise on manners, decency and professionalism of a customer service representative.

Even if things are out of your hand, you need to create a positive atmosphere so that the other person thinks highly of your company.

  1. Emailing Your Clients

If your clients have acquired your services and it has been some time and they haven’t reviewed your website, consider sending them an email.

Write an effective email, praising the customer about thanking him for helping him serve you and in the middle, give a link to your website, followed by a polite request of how they felt when they deal with your company.

This positive attitude of emailing will surely win the hearts of people who receive the email. In fact, email reminders are a way to earn a huge percentage of review conversations.

  1. Attracting Clients to Give Reviews

Give some sort of attraction or a product subsidy in form of coupon discounts to your customers i.e. they review your business on your website. A good example is that of AliExpress reward point program.

After you have received the product, if you choose to review it, you will gain reward points.

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