What you should be Aware about Round Bar Straightening Machines

Round bar straightening machine have been designed for straightening purposes, especially for straightening deformed bars. Round steel bars have immense utility in building, construction and maritime industries. Traditional manual straightening technique has low productivity and cannot meet production requirements. Straightening of round bars manually in industries by hammering process has been a tiresome and time-consuming task. Therefore, the need of automated round bar straightening machine adding to the precision and leading to desired higher productivity in an economical manner has been deemed imperative.

Models of round bar machines

Models or types of round bar straightening machines may vary based on the technical specifications such as capacity in diameter (03mm to 08mm, 12mm to 25mm, 40mm to 100mm), Production (6 M/Min, 5 M/Min,3 M/Min). They are usually mounted on four wheels, are lightweight and relatively easy to shift. They are cost effective and available in state of the art approach techniques.

Effectiveness of round bar machines

Round bar straightening machine can be of high effectiveness to the industrial user if construction is rigid and highly synchronized parts are used. The machine can be manufactured in different designs and sizes to meet various demands of industrial users, for straightening & polishing of drawn bar. Round bar straightening machine can straighten S.S., M.S., Brass and High Carbon & Mid Carbon steel bar of varying diameter with significant feet per minute speed.

Widely available round bar machines

Round bar machine would be made available with several kinds of manufacturers in the market. Product differentiation among these is based on

  • Tensile Strength
  • Hi-speed precise straightening
  • Extended Service Life
  • Guide adjustment
  • Ease of Installation and Ease of operating, and
  • Controlling the machine ensuring safety whilst in use

For instance, a hydraulic straightening machine has a capacity of correction, wide range and high automation with straightening roller and drive roller made of good alloy steel. It would also come with advanced heat treatment process to guarantee long-term operation. The two-roll-straightening machine will be used for precise straightening of round bars. The hydraulic clamping of the adjusting axes and the compact and torsion-proof design facilitates that highest quality requirements can be kept.

Precision of the straightening process

The precision of straightening is dependent on the spacing of the rolls. The greater the spacing, the lower would be the precision. Moreover, on the dimensions and number of rolls, greater number of rolls would imply higher precision in the process.

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