Visa Lottery Process

If you are not looking for U.S. Green card (Also known as 绿卡 and just want to find a job in U.S. (Also known as 美国找工作) after graduation. The most important job visa category in the United States is a non-immigrant visa that is issued to a U.S company with a foreign professional with professional skills. Holders of h1b visas can work in the United States for three years, and then can be extended for another three years. If the identity of the visa holder has not changed after the expiration of 6 years, this is the typical h1b工作 they must leave the United States. This article will introduce the h1b visa application process, so you can prepare h1b 2019 application in advance.

 H1b Visa Application Process  In March, applicants are required to complete all H1B visa materials and send them out as time requirements.  First week of MarchH1B visa applicants can apply for the LCA (Labor Condition Application), which is a labor condition application. It takes about 7 days to consider the approval of the LCA, and the LCA application can also be applied in mid-February. LCA is applied in the name of the company to show that the company’s job vacancies do not recruit US workers, and then apply for H1B for the job. Many company information needs to be filled in when applying for LCA, so it is recommended that the company fill it out. Note that when communicating with the company, the applicant and the company need to reach a consensus on the job title and wages. The title is preferably commensurate with the graduate department. The salary must also be in accordance with the local region’s legal requirements for the profession and the title. Prevailing wage standard. Second week of MarchH1B Visa Applicants begin to fill out the I-129 form (Petition for a Nonimmigration Worker). After downloading online, fill out: (1) Petition for a Nonimmigration Worker (1-8 pages) (2) Select H Classification Supplement Supplementary documents (13-18 pages) (3) Also have Data Collection and Filling Fee Exemption Supplement Part (19-21 pages) Third week of MarchApplicants who require an H1B visa are required to collate and confirm all application materials, including: a cover letter, a cheque, all application forms, other supplemental documents, and a copy of Duplicate Copy. If there is any omission or need to be replenished, it should be completed as soon as possible. Fourth week of March – April 1H1B visa applicants should finally confirm all the application materials that need to be submitted and send them in the last week of March. It is best to send them on April 1st, or within 5 working days afterwards, and send them early. In April, H1B Visa lottery time.

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