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Stay Safe by Opting for the Right Onsite Mobile Shredding Company

Many companies opt for the services of onsite shredding companies to dispose their important documents. This is apt option for companies that dispose their documents on a bi weekly or quarterly basis.

Be Assured of Safe Disposal

Not all shredding companies out there are credible. You might need to do a thorough research before hiring the services of shredding companies. A reputable and accredited company will have the proper licenses in place and will be in compliance with the State and Federal Laws.

You can also be assured of safe disposal of your documents through onsite mobile shredding services. Manually shredding documents is a tedious job. Many of the in-house shredding machines are not capable of taking bulk documents. Documents that are stapled or banded need to be first sorted out before feeding it to the machine.

Shredding through in-house machines does not guarantee that the documents cannot be pieced back together. In case of onsite shredding services, the documents are shredded in a crisscross pattern, making it difficult to piece the documents back.

Shredding companies have the latest equipment that can even destroy your electronic information. You can opt for electronic shredding services for disposing of information from your hard drives. Ensure that check the reviews and ratings by customers to get a better insight on the credibility of the company.

Why Opt for Onsite Shredding Services

If you work in an industry that deals with confidential information, then paper shredding is a must activity. Confidential documents can get into the wrong hands and one can easily fall victim to identity theft.  When opting for an onsite shredding company, ensure that they are compliant with NAID (National Association for Information Destruction).

Some of the benefits of opting for onsite shredding companies include:

  • Shredding companies allocate consoles wherein you can deposit your documents
  • The shredding of documents is done on your watch
  • A Certificate of Destruction is issued once the shredding activity is completed
  • This certificate will give you details the type of document that has been shredded, time and what happens to the shredded pieces

  • Reputable shredding companies are insured so you are always protected if something goes wrong with your documents
  • Shredding companies give a lot of thought to environmental safety
  • All your shredded documents are recycled instead of piling up in landfills


You can schedule weekly or regular visits with the shredding companies depending on your preferences. Ease your mind off the dreadful task of shredding by leaving it to the experts.

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