Some of The Different Types of Sanitary Valves Used in Various Industries

You can find the applications of sanitary valve in mostly in those industries that are manufacturing pharmaceutical products, dairy and food products and various chemicals including medicines too. The basic feature of such valve is crevice free, easy cleaning and polished contact surfaces.

Following are few different types of sanitary valves used in different industries:

  • Globe valves

These valves have rounded body and are used where there is linear motion. In order to control and regulate the flow of fluid in both throttling and on/off service these valves are used.

  • Diaphragm valves

These valves are related to pinch valve as mentioned below however here elastomeric diaphragm is used instead of elastomeric liner in the body of the valve in order to isolate the stream of flow from the closure element.

  • Pinch valve

Any kind of valve where there is a flexible body of elastomer and can be pinched closed to cut off the flow by using pressure of fluid. Pinch valves are linear action valves and full bore and it can be used either in variable position or on/off manner or throttling service.

  • Gate or knife valve

This is a linear motion type of valve and here a flat element slides in order to close the flow of the stream and shut off is provided. These valves are again of two types – wedge shaped and parallel.

  • Needle valve

In this kind of valve, at the end of valve stem there is slender and tapered point which is lowered in order to restrict the flow. Here the fluid flow is turned at an angle of 90 degrees and then goes through an orifice with a cone shaped tip that sit for the rod.

  • Butterfly sanitary valve

This type of valve is quick opening type and consists circular disc or vane made of any metal and its pivot axes at 90 degrees to the flow direction in the pipe when it is rotated on the shaft or seals against the seat of the valve body. Normally these valves are used for throttling to control the flow.

  • Ball valve

It provides very tight and secured shut-off and stops the flow. They are designed in such a way that it can have longer range and without having any complications of side loads that are generally found in globe valves or butterfly valves.

  • Plug sanitary valves

These are also known as cock valve or stop-cock valve and designed based on the roman plumbing system. It is one of the most used valves for throttling and on/off services.

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