Perfect Details for the Proper Gamification Process

Making a sale for a salesperson is never easy. It is not enough to just briefly call and explain the product to convince the prospect of its good faith, especially for services with commitment. It is sometimes necessary to re-launch, spend more time offering them presentations, develop them in more detail the benefits etc. That’s why it’s important to train sales people and explain the sales process. Here are 3 sometimes amazing statistics that will help you better understand the process and increase your sales.

The recommendations

A satisfied and faithful customer is only benefit for you, the sales representative and your company. Indeed, the evidence is there, the word of mouth is a very good source of promotion. 91% of satisfied customers say they are ready to recommend a product or service, whereas only 11% of sales people think of doing so. Do not forget to include this phase once the customer conquered. It’s an effective way to bring in new customers. The use of happens to be perfect here.

Social networks

Social networks are too often forgotten to find prospects, and for good reason, only 5% of sales people think that it is an effective sales method. Only, we note that joining a group on LinkedIn increases the chances of making a spontaneous sale of 70%. A study has also shown that salespeople who are social sellers have a 50% chance of meeting or exceeding their goals.

The reminders

Reminding or sending emails to people we have already contacted before is often scary. There is an apprehension of annoying them or passing for someone who persists. In 2007 it took between 3 and 4 calls to convince a prospect, today it takes 8. However, 44% of salesmen give up after the first raise.

Before a successful sale, you must know the product and the company, but you must also understand the customer. Feel free to raise, ask for recommendations and use other methods than the phone, such as social networks for example.

Discuss in teams practices to keep

Once transitioned, take the time to analyze what everyone has learned. Encourage employees to share their best techniques with each other and share their insights on improving the gamification strategy, for even greater motivation in the call center, and greater shared success.

Gamification brings renewed energy, focus and motivation to call centers, and makes agents more empowered to provide better customer service while being more comfortable. The more employees of your customer service will be happy to work for you, the stronger your brand. To deliver quality customer service, check out the site, the world leader in cloud-based software for call centers and premium conversational commerce platforms for great customer experiences.

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