Know how can you integrate marketing automation software with your e-commerce website

Marketing Automation – more often than not, we tend to hear a lot about automation these days. With everything becoming computerized thus giving us the edge of getting the job done with a click of the mouse, it is very important for us to understand what marketing automation is all about and how to effectively use it by integrating it with e-commerce websites.

So, what exactly is marketing automation? In simpler terms, marketing automation is nothing but the automation of repetitive actions like emails, welcome messages and other web related activities. Automation is especially useful and effective in cases where revenue generation is considered to be of utmost importance.

How can you integrate marketing automation software with your e-commerce website?

  1. Collect data which helps to identify potential customers

We, in this data driven century depend on real time, dependable data points and statistics for any business operation for that matter. The same applies in case of integration of the marketing software that you are planning to use with your e-commerce website. It is really important that we analyze and identify the potential customers and to understand their interests. This helps in structuring an effective marketing campaign for your product.

  1. Create the perfect marketing campaign for your product

Once you have the list of your potential customers who you intend to target, the next and the most important step is to create THE perfect campaign for your product. Remember, being flashy always doesn’t warrant that your campaign will be a success. It is all about understanding your customers and creating a tailor-made ad which would woo them instantly.

  1. Designing a Newsletter

The next important step is getting to know how to contact the prospective customer. By designing a newsletter and asking the target audience to subscribe to the newsletter in order for them to know about the exciting offers you got to offer or to even know more about your product, you get a chance to get hold of their mail ID. This is where the actual marketing automation comes in picture. Although automation tools have a good role to play in terms of advertising on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the level of interaction and chances of personalization of the ad is limited.

  1. Send welcome mails with offers to the new customers

As soon as the potential customer subscribes to the newsletter, marketing automation tools can be used to send an automated welcome mail, wooing the potential customer with new user offers and discounts. This way, the customer is sure to feel important and there is a natural inquisitiveness for him/her to sign up on your website immediately.

  1. Reminders on Shopping Cart Abandonment

 Some of the customers go through the website, add items to the cart and then later on, might get disinterested or might forget about the whole thing. In such cases, integrating marketing automation software with your e-commerce website is really handy. These software’s can be used to send reminder mails, with an additional offer at times, so as to woo the customer and make sure the order is placed.

  1. Suggestions based on browsing history/purchase history

This is another lucrative option to increase the sales which marketing automation software gives us.  For example, if a customer has added a pair of jeans in his/her cart, suggestions indicating that a particular tee or jacket might look good when paired with the tee or the jacket will increase the visibility of the tee or the jacket and in addition, if lucky might get that tee or jacket sold for you!

  1. Thank you mails

Once the customer has brought a product from your website, automation software can be used to increase your ecommerce marketing by sending them a thank you mail, in addition to a couple of feedback questions that will help in analyzing where we fall short and gives us a clear picture on the scope of further improvement.

  1. Loyalty Rewards

 Every now and then, automation software can be used to identify customers who used to shop at your website frequently but are now inactive. Once the list of users is identified, marketing automation software can be used to send out mails with attractive cashback offers or discounts as a reward for being a loyal customer. This is a win-win way where the customer feels happy and important and who knows he might come back and shop for few thousand bucks on your ecommerce website right away!

These are the basic 101s on how to integrate and make the maximum use of marketing automation software in ecommerce websites. It is considered to be a time tested and a secure way to attract and retain more happy customers, with a good ROI for your business as well. Don’t believe it yet? Give it a try, and I am sure you will agree with what I had to say!

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