Incorporating nature into your office space

There are many benefits to incorporating nature elements into interior design. Surrounding ourselves with nature during the work day or while at home can be the breath of fresh air that we need to truly relax during or after a stressful day. The health benefits of nature are well researched, but how is nature added to an office space?

For a simple solution, try adding a water feature into the space that you’re trying to improve. There is nothing more natural than clear water. The sound of running water is a wonderful kind of background noise, and in certain individuals, it can promote productivity and focus. You could try a fountain for the corner of your office, or a miniature waterfall.

If you’re looking for a completely effortless way to add nature to your office space, try a few large potted plants. They’re very noticeable, so no one will forget to water them if you set out a quick rota for your employees. Or, add some succulents. Succulents don’t require much water to survive, and they come in a range of shapes and sizes. A small gallery of succulents could give your office a very modern appearance.

For a rustic, natural office look, use wood-based furniture. Tables, chairs, shelving, bookcases, all these furnishings are available in wooden options. For a different kind of natural aesthetic, look into stone or marble furnishings, especially in board rooms or kitchen areas.

Glass walls are a great way to showcase a clean, natural-looking office, and the lack of opaque room dividers will really open up the space. This is a particularly good choice for large offices where you’re considering plant life and natural colours. You may consider an indoor fish pond or tank, as well. These would merge seamlessly with glass walls and natural plant life.

Using earth-inspired tones can make a space more warm and welcoming. Blues are naturally calming, bright and forest greens can remind people of the outdoors, yellows are refreshing. Every colour is inspired by nature, but certain bright and vibrant colours can make an office much more enjoyable to be in.

When considering lighting for your office space, try to avoid large florescent lights. These can be harsh in any space and can cause eye strain. Use gentle lighting, to complete your natural look. Low watt bulbs, lamps, and ambient lighting would be perfect for this particular aesthetic.

Natural textures can have a grounding effect on a space. Faux leather sofas, wool rugs, and wooden furniture can all add a natural look and feel, as do natural building materials used in interior décor. Bare brick can have a great impact on a space and offers something different to standard wallpaper or paint.

Lastly, add some interesting decoration. Fill an ornamental vase or bowl with sand, coral, and shells. Add some beach-themed elements for a soothing atmosphere or hang artwork and photography of awe-inspiring outdoor scenes. Art has been proven to make a space more engaging, and it will make your newly decorated office space look less dreary.

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