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How to Use Protected Lighting for Industries?

Industrial locations like oil refineries, power plants including nuclear power plants, factories manufacturing chemicals and mining sites etc. require exclusive types of lighting fixtures that can withstand the environmental hazards and ensure durability. Hazardous location lighting is totally different from lighting of other places since the various fixtures are continuously exposed to higher temperature and pressure, dust, smoke and other emissions that may be even corrosive. We through this article will be knowing some important information which is required to have a protected lighting in large industries and also in large areas.

How to Use Protected Lighting for Industries?

There are various high bay light fixtures manufacturers who are specialized in producing lighting fixtures which is only suitable for polluted environment. Besides ensuring the durability, these fixtures will not incur much maintenance expenses. The companies that produce these special types of fixtures for electrification ensure strict quality control. And when they produce them for a particular industry they will have to follow a customized specifications and test the resistance of each product against the various environmental conditions that are expected with the particular industry. They make the products 100% safe and reliable. By way of increasing the sustainability of the fixtures, they are made durable and also with less maintenance costs.

The latest types of fixtures for hazardous location lighting include LED lamps, explosion resistant HID fittings and fluorescent lights. The reputed companies manufacture these products according to international standards of quality. It is really a challenging task for these companies to produce lighting equipment’s for various offshore projects where the fixtures should be resistant to corrosion by sea water. In order to withstand corrosion, they make the body of the fixtures with glass reinforced polyester and for saline environment they use poly carbonate diffuses. Generally, the enclosures of the lamps are made highly strong as well as resistant to all types of corrosion. The enclosures as well as mountings of these lights ensure maximum ingress protection. These companies also offer highly reliable products for portable lighting at industrial installations.

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