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Five Characteristics of Good Trading Mentors

When beginners keep their steps in the market, they get shocked because of facing unwanted circumstances. There are lots of powerful competitions that are also trading with the fresher. As a consequence, they become afraid and their confidence level becomes low. In this situation, a person needs a mentor who can guide him or her to deal with a difficult situation. There are various mentors online. You can easily find one from online trading academies or by following a popular trader’s YouTube channel if they have one. You can also follow their portfolio if they have an account with eToro and even copy their positions. This is called social or copy trading. If you’re not familiar with it but you’re interested, you better read a legit eToro rating or user review to understand how it works and if this method works for you. But choosing the right mentor is not an easy matter as he or she plays an important role in the beginners’ career. There are some characteristics of the mentors that are needed to consider here. These are being discussed here.


The person should know what he or she is talking about. He or she has to know about the field in which you are trading. As a beginner, a person is required to know the pros and cons of the field. The trading mentor should be successful in their field, and he or she should have the proper experience.

Mentor Should Motivate You

A mentor is required to inspire you to move forward. If they do not respect the style of the fresher, they will not be able to guide them properly. A new trader needs to find out whether the coach is supportive or not. A coach is required to communicate properly with the beginners when they need his or her help. He or she needs to create a thirst for learning in the mind of the fresher. As a new trader in the Mena region, you can visit Saxo bank group website and use the free resources. After gaining the basic knowledge, it will be an easy task to select the right mentor.


The coach should be reliable for you. If a trader cannot be able to believe his or her coach, he or she will not be able to utilize the pieces of advice in the right place. For becoming trustworthy, a mentor has to provide proper techniques and suggestions so that they can regulate their trade systematically. People have to believe in the judgment of the trading mentor as this is necessary to make profits in the long run.

Coach Should Be Honest

Forex market is a competitive zone where this is difficult to believe someone. Here, traders should not step according to anyone’s suggestions without thinking about it twice. If the trading counselor provides a guaranty to make the beginners successful within a short time. Then, the fresher should think about whether he or she is the right person or not. A good coach will be honest with the word. They will not mention any unpractical things that they cannot able to fulfill.

Be Supportive

Newcomers feel the lack of coaches because of their weak skills and less knowledge. So, people expect that the counselor will help him to develop these. But, if the counselor cannot be able to feel their problems, he or she will not be able to make them successful in the Forex market. Here, every trader needs some specific ability so that they can build a strong position. The proper knowledge and strong risk management and money management skills help people to gain victory by applying the strategies in an appropriate place.

Many professionals offer to coach beginners by receiving money. They can fraud or not. But, the rookie traders have to conscious of this issue. Many expertise provides suggestion through their YouTube channel and the website. So, there is no necessity of investing money because of getting a good counselor. People can also learn through books and news articles about the business. Demo account also allows fresher to gain cognition about the market. This also enables them how to handle the situation which has been caused for the mistakes. Besides these, the virtual market also supports the fresher to learn about the use of various types of tools which are necessary for identifying different position.

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