Essential Opportunities for the Proper Freight Transport

Drawing up and signing an agreement for cargo transportation is one of the most important stages in the process of organizing cargo transportation services. A competent and proper execution of documentation for the provision of transportation services is a pledge of calmness of the consignor.

By itself, drafting an agreement between the transport company and the customer speaks of professionalism and a serious approach to their business, although today there are many firms that prefer to avoid the issue of drafting an agreement for the provision of cargo transportation services. Often such transport organizations offer lower rates for their services and, perhaps, perform their work qualitatively, but force majeure situations can happen to anyone. You can visit for more.

The most common controversial situations:

  • violation of delivery deadlines,
  • improper storage,
  • violation of transportation conditions,
  • Loss of cargo, etc.

It is especially important to conclude an agreement for the transportation of oversized cargo, when the value of cargo can reach up to several tens of millions of dollars.

The Consolidation

To legislatively consolidate the terms of cooperation between the customer and the transport company, a contract is drawn up, which prescribes possible disputable situations and ways of their solution. In addition, under the terms of the contract, the transport company can provide additional services, for example, cargo insurance or its protection.

Long term Contract

A long-term contract is most often concluded with transport companies that have proven themselves in the freight market. In the contract, in addition to possible disputable situations, the duties and rights of both parties, the terms of delivery of the goods and the conditions for the work of the movers are prescribed. The company is responsible for the implementation of its activities. Thus, the conclusion of the contract for the transportation service is an obligatory part of the relationship with our customers.

Transportation service

In the international practice, two types of contracts for cargo transportation services were widespread: according to the legal system. As a basic or general rule, the concept of the legal system is used: “forwarder, not giving guarantees.” The essence of this concept boils down to the fact that the freight forwarder is not responsible for those contracts that he concluded in the interests of the client.

The Agreement

The agreement of the expedition of French law presupposes the responsibility of the freight forwarder for the contracts concluded by him (“forwarder giving guarantees”), obliging him to answer to the client according to the rules specified in the contracts he has actually concluded with third parties. At the same time, such a liability of the freight forwarder arises only if:

  • in the conditions of the agreement between the freight forwarder and the client, this is expressly stated;
  • if the parties have agreed on a lump-sum award (the freight forwarder chooses partners and does not report to his client for the amounts of their fees);
  • the forwarder issued an international forwarding certificate;
  • Transportation is carried out by a combined load. is one of the leading used cars dealers that offer an impressive, safe and compact range of used cars at competitive prices to customers.


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