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Duplex Steel pipe types

There are three major types of Duplex Steel Pipe materials. They are the lean duplex, standard duplex and the super duplex. The differences come with the different composition of the material. The main difference between an austenitic steel and duplex steel is the high chromium and molybdenum content along with low nickel content. This combination allows the material to be stronger and high anticorrosive. This allows the pipe to be produced in thin wall thicknesses without the risk of cracking. All duplex steel types are anticorrosive, high temperature resistant and high pressure resistant. Among the three types, the standard duplex is the most used.

The super duplex type contains more elements such as nitrogen and even tungsten in their composition. The duplex steel pipe of lean duplex type is very strong and is preferred for structural applications such as construction and architecture. Their applications vary in a large spectrum. Chemical industrial applications, water lines, food processing plants, nuclear power stations, heat exchangers, heat exhausts, jet engines, turbine blades and many other different applications use duplex steel. They are highly cost effective and last longer. These

duplex stainless steel pipe standards govern the wall thickness, diameter and roughness. The pipes could vary in diameter from ¼ inches all the way up to 60 inches. The availability of these pipes in various sizes and grades make them applicable in a wide range of applications. The Duplex 2205 Pipe price therefore varies depending on the grade, standard, size and application requirements as well.

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