Brief History Of Mercedes-Benz A German Multinational Company

Mercedes-Benz is a well-known German Multi-national company which is known all over the world as luxurious and prestigious car manufacturers. The name Mercedes-Benz itself signifies quality and performance. The head office of the company is located in Baden Wurttemberg’s well-known city Stuttgart in Germany. They not only produce cars but also trucks, coaches and buses etc.

If you trace back its history, then on the day of 29th January, 1886, Karl Benz submitted his first patented vehicle to the patent office for Motorwagen. The slogan of the company was “The Best or Nothing” and today its brand name is known all over the world as the best.

Let me put down the various achievements of this Mercedes Benz cars company in chronological order in the following.

1871 – Karl Benz who is the founder of the company establishes his company in Mannheim, Germany with August Ritter.

1883 – Benz & Co was formed by Karl Benz with 2 new partners in Manheim, Germany

1886 – First patented gasoline powered automobile was submitted by Karl Benz to Patent Office for Motorwagen

1886 – 3rd July, 1886 first automobile was introduced by Karl Benz

1901 – First time highly efficient car with closed cooling system was produced

1906 – Electric powered vehicle was produced that includes trucks, buses, passenger cars and fire service vehicles

1910 –  First special tour car was produced with multivalve engine where both fuel consumption as well as performance was improved by employing 4 valves per cylinder.

1921 – Several high-power cars with super charged engine were produced.

1926 – Daimler -Benz Company was formed and Karl Benz also associates with the company

1931 – Mercedes 170 a new high safety and high-performance car was developed with a hydraulic braking system

1936 – First passenger automobile with diesel powered where 30 per cent less fuel as compared to gasoline counterpart

1958 – Crash testing was introduced for every car

1967 – Mercedes AMG was formed

1978 – Anti lock braking system was introduced

1991 – Environmentally harmful chemicals were removed from all vehicles and eco friendly air conditioning system was developed

1995 – Electronic Stability Program for various control functions

1997 – Introduction of Smart key and anti-theft system

2000 – Introduction of tele aid by providing enhanced security by connecting through smartphone, computer etc.

2006 – Distronic Plus where brake gets activated by looking ahead if driver fails to respond

2010 – Mercedes-Benz develops driver monitoring system which can sense the action of driver

With above history Mercedes-Benz has become a leading automobile industry of the world and still continues with many new innovations.

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