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A Guide to Short-Term Loans

If you are in the market for a loan, you might have struggled to find the right type of short-term loan for your specific needs, current financial situation and credit score and history. Short-term loans are just one of a number of options open to you, even if you have been struggling financially in recent times. The best approach in finding the right financial solutions for your specific needs and short to medium-term targets and financial goals is to do your research thoroughly. There are several reputable and responsible short-term loan lenders currently on the market that can provide you with the credit you are looking for, without putting yourself in greater financial difficulty.

It is important to set out with a clear frame of mind. Begin by looking at the exact reasons why you are looking for a short-term loan in the first place. For many people there is a need for financial assistance just until the next pay cheque arrives. This could be to cover an emergency bill or situation that you could not have foreseen. You know that you’ll have the money to cover this in a week’s time, but what can you do in the meantime? A payday loan provider could be the best course of action in these circumstances, providing you with financial respite over the next week, allowing you to resolve any emergency issues and pay back the loan the first chance you get.

Second, take a full and frank look at what money you have coming in every month from your job, and place this alongside all of your outgoings, including rent, utility bills, council tax, phone bill, broadband, as well as grocery shopping bills and your own budget for leisure time, food and other items over the course of the month. If you require a short-term loan to pay for a holiday, to pay to fix a white goods item in the home such as a washing machine or fridge, or you require a short-term loan for a variety of other reasons, you must first ask yourself ‘Can I afford to pay back this short-term loan?’

Once you have the full financial list in front of you, ask yourself whether you can afford to pay back. Making a defined range of repayments that you could make should you be successful with a loan application will help you to be much more sensible when going through the application process. A reputable and responsible payday loan company will offer you a flexible range of choices when applying for short-term loans. This should include an exact amount that you wish to borrow, and the length of time you would like to make the repayments on the loan. The choice of amount and length of repayment time will determine the additional costs, which you must also be aware of prior to agreeing to the loan. This includes an administration fee and interest. A reputable payday loan provider will highlight your exact, expected repayment amounts (including interest and fees), with clear dates and finish date.

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