8 Questions You Should Definitely Ask in Your Next Job Interview to Avoid (Another) Toxic Boss

Believe us, nobody wants or should work in a toxic work environment. If you just got out of one, congratulations to you! Everyone deserves to work with someone who treats you with respect. And while this is mentioned, nobody will want to make the same mistake working for a toxic boss again and again. Now while you are searching for a job with the help of Launch Recruitment Agency Sydney, we have compiled a list of questions you should definitely ask in your next interview to save yourself the trouble. Thank us later.

If the interviewer is your potential boss

  1. How would you describe your ideal employee?

No matter what they say, listen to it seriously and check if you authentically fit with his/her answer. If you don’t, it is a red flag to look out for.

  1. How do you like to give constructive criticism?

Ensure that they do give out feedback to their team. The last thing you should do is to work in a company where you will never learn or improve. Apart from the feedback, they should also express car and concern while doing so. The point is not only to make their job easier, but also to make your professional life grow. So, if they respond to your question by saying, “Calling employees out in front of other employees to humiliate them,” it is a huge red flag.

  1. What is your process of evaluating and reviewing the employees?

It is similar to the question above which states like, is there a proper employee review cycle in the company? Do they evaluate and course-correct employee performance on a regular basis? Also, do they seem to care about the employees by helping them in setting and achieving their career goals?

  1. How long your current team has been working for the company?

Look out for any signs of high turnover or conflict. Ask them, if there were any viable reason why their team has shifted? Also, look out for the signs if they avoid bringing up the specifics.

  1. How would your direct reports describe your style of management?

This is a sort of a test for your interviewer related to his self-awareness. Look out for the signs in which they depict that their direct reports are accurately managed without sounding egotistical or disinterested.

  1. Who are your leadership role models?

Also, ask them the reasons why they chose those people. This will give you an idea of how they implement the leadership tactics, how they respect and emulate them.

  1. How does your team unwind at a stressful time or celebrate success?

This question helps in ascertaining how they value work-life balance and how they address and acknowledge the accomplishment of their team. Look out for the response.

  1. What is (Boss’s name) style of management?

Try to read between the lines. Is they interviewer sounding supportive, respectful, but motivating? And is the interviewer speaking with you seem to agree with their management style?

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