3 Insightful Ways to Create an Amazing Billboard Ad

Gone are the days when consumers used to view billboards with such keen interest. Albeit these ads are still considered as a premium ad space, but consumers are apparently, quite indulged using their smartphones, tablets, gaming systems etc. that they never even care to look up. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean billboard advertising is meant to be ignored. They are everywhere, it’s just the approach to distract them for a teeny bit from their thoughts and activities. So, discard the conventional ways to design a billboard ad, and adopt the latest ones. Read on.

  1. Limit the word count of your billboard ads to 6 words only.

As the people are on the move all the time, it is impossible for them to read the billboard ads which has a lot of words. You need a maximum of 6 words to deliver the marketing message to the audience. Make it crisp, funny, laconic, anything that suits the theme of your billboard ad and the product. Hence investing in a highly skilled copyrighter is also a must. If your brand: product or service is complex, it is highly recommendable to stay away from billboards advertising. But if your product or service is delivered concisely, follow the rule of thumb, less is more.

  1. It is important to get noticed, but not in a way to distract the customer completely.

Billboards are mostly targeted for drivers, bikers, cyclists or pedestrians. This creates a dilemma in the mind of the advertisers, it is vital to get noticed, but you don’t want the fingers to be raised upon you for causing major, or sometimes even minor accidents.

For example, you do not want to upload a billboard of a woman donning a lingerie. It will be a huge distraction for the people who are always on the move. It may definitely lead to accidents too.

  1. Play smart, but don’t overdo it.

Boring billboards are meant to be ignored. A smart billboard doesn’t only grab the attention of the audience but it also leaves a lasting impression in their minds. But if you overdo it, your audience will keep scratching their heads to understand your message, or simply ignore your creative genius at all costs. Play it moderately smart, be creative, have fun, but do not give your people a puzzle to solve while they are driving.

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