In Bangalore For The Weekend? Here Are Some Places To Explore

Bangalore is without a doubt a great destination to live in. Since it is home to so many educational institutions and offices, a lot of people from other cities have come and settled here, which definitely has contributed a huge amount towards making Bangalore a true- blue boiling pot of cultures and a cosmopolitan hub.

Due to the huge presence of IT offices and colleges, Bangalore has a huge crowd of millennials and teenagers who love nothing more than taking a weekend off and exploring the city rather than spend time at home like the older generation. And Bangalore has developed to satisfy the tastes of this demographic. Therefore, there are a lot of places to see and explore in Bangalore. This is a small list of Bangalore things to do on a weekend:

1.     Gunantara, the Underground Resort:

This is truly a one of its kind attraction, which has never been seen before in India. Imagine spending a whole day underground and perform various adventure activities, leisurely lie about or just sip a drink while marveling at the intellectual and creative accomplishments which made this place a possibility.

Gunantara, situated in Bangalore fits in enough activities to keep you occupied for a whole day on the weekend, making it a unique hangout place.

You can participate in Zorbing, riding quad bikes, Horseriding, Paintball, Rope Courses, Trampolines and countless other adventurous activities. If you are the more relaxed type, play billiards while sipping on a cocktail of your choice and enjoying the leisurely pace of the day.

Visit this place to ensure that you have a day you will never forget!

2.     Snow City:

Being a warm country, the heat is normally unbearable in the summers in India. What makes it worse is sitting at home and doing nothing but waiting for the electricity to come back on. Instead, take a small trip to an icy field and experience the fun of frigid winters, even during peak summer months. Confused? Don’t be.
Bangalore has got its answer to the sweltering heat in ‘Snow City’, a veritable mini- Switzerland of kinds.

Situated in the heart of Bangalore and occupying a space of 12,500 square feet, this place is a dream come true for kids and adults alike.

Indulge in fun sliding sessions in the snow, have a snowball fight, snow mountain climbing session, snow tube, snow rafting, build a snowman, or just lounge around and make patterns of snow fairies on the fluffy, snow-covered ground.

What’s more, the snow is completely safe and edible, which ensures that you can let your kids run around freely without having to monitor them constantly.

Jackets, boots, glove, caps,and hats are provided by the management and are inclusive of the ticket price.

3.     Bannerghatta National Park:

If you are someone who loves nature, then your first stop HAS to Bannerghatta National Park. This has rightly been called the pride of Bangalore and is home to several exotic varieties of flora and fauna.

Located hardly 20 kilometers from the city, this national park boast of an area of more than 100 sq. km. and also houses the country’s first butterfly park.

What is not to be missed is the Safari. A chance to watch lions, tigers, deer, leopards and several other species in their natural habitat is a sight worth dying for. All the animals are extremely healthy and look like they enjoy thrilling the visitors with their glory.

Apart from this, you can watch elephants, monitor lizards, various snake species, jackals, foxes, sloth bear, porcupines etc.

You can also indulge your adventurous side with a short trek around the park and if you seek more thrill, you can also participate in the river rafting that is organized nearby. A wonderful finish to the day would be an outdoor camping stay which truly makes you one with nature.

4.     The Art Of Living International Center:

The Art of Living Foundation has made its fame all over the world with its mission statement of world peace, sustainability and personal development and oneness with the Almighty. While the name, spirit,and mission of the Foundation are well-known, most people don’t know that the organization is based out of Bangalore and has its Headquarters situated here.

An architectural marvel situated on the outskirts of the city, the Art of Living International Center is an ‘Ashram’ where you can stay for a few days to experience what it is like to lead life detached from worldly pleasures and solely focused on your spirituality.

Step away from technology and modern life and enjoy the quaint little cottages, delicious, simple and homemade food that soothes your body and the meditation practices performed by the whole community as one gives you a new perspective on life.

It is truly a place to unwind and give some respite to your soul from the perils of modern day life.


Being a hub of activity, Bangalore has something for everyone- be it the kids, adults, adrenaline junkies or those looking to soothe their hearts. Make sure to visit these places on your next weekend in Bangalore.

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